Join us Friday May 8th for an evening of family fun and food for everyone. No cover charge! Music by DJ Revolution. Happy Hour from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. Dancing from 7:00 – 11:00 pm.

Have any questions? Call us at 303-822-5800 or email Jeanie!



MayFarms-RunSeries-Logo-FullSizeMay Farms is embarking on an exciting new series of 5K, 10K Runs as part of the AgriTainment offerings they will host this year for the extended community. The open space, clean air, and beautifully designed courses, designed by nationally renowned run master, Creigh Kelley & Astronomer Dr. Ka Chun Yu,, will bring a series of runs to Colorado that are unprecedented anywhere in the Metro Area, as they will offer breathtaking vistas, earthen track, 2 tunnels, and a profound serenity and calm for runners in this unique and challenging terrain.  Each event will be followed by a Country Breakfast or BBQ, live music, and special cultural performances. Expos will include educational content that will enhance the run experience, and illuminate the lifestyle and bounty of agricultural production.


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May Farms is pleased to announce the rescheduled Barn Dance!  Join us Saturday March 28th for an evening of family fun and food for everyone. No cover charge! Music by DJ Revolution.  Happy Hour from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. Dancing 7:00 – 10:00 pm.

Have any questions?  Call us at 303-822-5800 or email Jeanie!



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May Farms is proud to present a special 1940′s themed Holiday Party and Farm to Table Dinner on Thursday, December 18th, 2014.


  • Concert Pianist Stacie May playing 1940′s Classics
  • DJ Revolution (Dance DJ)


  • May Farms Sweet Corn Chowder
  • Herb butter basted Prime Rib w/ drippings
  • Roasted Turkey Breast
  • Country Style Green Beans
  • Honey Roasted Baby Carrots
  • Mixed Green Salad w/ assorted dressings
  • Fresh Baked French Bread w/ honey butter
  • 1940′s style bread pudding with baked apples
  • Featuring a Leopold Bros Whiskey cream sauce

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More About DJ Revolution

“DJ Revolution”  (James Shelley) has providing premier DJ services on the front range of  Colorado for over 11 years. Thick and Thin Productions (parent company) has been a part of over 130  weddings, multiple types of parties, corporate events and several sporting events. Excellence at improvisation, James has honed his skills as a Master of Ceremonies and can adapt to any crowd type. With a  sound system powerful enough for any size event, literally no event is  too big or too small. (well maybe not Red Rocks Amphitheater!!) James is proud to be the exclusive Emcee/DJ for the Lincoln County Relay For Life for 5 years running, and the long time DJ/Emcee for the Byers Community Association, and is currently in His  8th year as the voice of the Byers Bulldogs.

More About Stacie May

Stacie May started playing the piano at the age of 2 and was performing with The Brico Symphony Orchestra at the age of 16. Over the years she has been in many bands and singing groups, has shared her music in churches for 45 years, and given piano lessons as well. Ragtime, jazz, tunes from the 1900s-1980s or serious classical piano, she plays them all. You will enjoy listening to her caress the keys and tickle the ivories.


People at outdoor events are at the mercy of the elements. Most take their chances and come prepared. But a responsible outdoor event operator on Colorado’s eastern plains needs to help protect them from the worst. And weather or not, if there is what disaster planners call a mass casualty incident, what then?

Assume the worst. Think eastern plains rain, hail with a chance of a tornado. Also assume the best: the authority and expertise of Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO). Arapahoe County Fairgrounds weather keeps commanders and officers well trained.

Under the proposed USR, May Farms will:

1. Set incident action, event traffic and local traffic plans with ACSO beginning 120 days before each event. ASCO has final say.

What’s in an Incident Action Plan? As a start siting and staffing of command posts, infrastructure for telecom, weather monitoring, electronics. Routing and traffic control. Even county-ordered use of public schools as shelter. For comparison, Mesa County even requires a heli-pad for Country Jam.

2. Hold producer to contractual obligations for extra, incident-related staffing. Plan with producer and ASCO a Twitter-based alert system for attendees.

3. Help provide food, water, fuel, shelter resources during any on-site incident.

4. Promptly reimburse to the county the cost for extra staffing calculated on proper wage scales.

5. Long range, invest in structures with dual use as event-related equipment storage and emergency shelter. Sunflower Pavilion and other May Farms structures can protect many but not all.


Any outdoor event like weddings, fun runs, concerts and pumpkin launches all generate their own sound. But when does sound become noise? When does noise become a public nuisance? And how can that nuisance be mitigated? Those are the questions May Farms Event Center is answering.

Defining noise is hard but, to paraphrase the Supreme Court, you know it when you hear it. The physics of sound does not help. And in an outdoor setting volume, settings like bass and treble, topography and weather complicate matters. Besides, noise is subjective. What is noisy to one is melodious to another.

Measuring noise is easier. Decibels (dbA) can be counted and compared. Talking in a normal tone of voice produces 45 db(A). A louder voice can reach 50 db(A). Eighteen wheelers down the interstate generate 60 db(A) measured 100 feet away. Discover this yourself by downloading a free decibel meter on your mobile phone application.

So how does a responsible event venue like May Farms mitigate the nuisance of noise?

  1. Set hours of operations that respects the peace of country living: 10:00 p.m. weekdays, Friday and Saturday midnight and Sunday 9 p.m.
  2. Set decibel levels at the property line that are within state standards: 60 db(A) between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.; 55 db(A) between 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  3. Restrict the event producer’s sound level by an enforceable contract and monitor it in coordination with TCH.
  4. Inform neighbors what to expect, eve neighbors who live miles away.

Some will always be bothered by any noise that is not part of their country living or music to their liking. Others will tolerate it. A few may even enjoy it. But managing events by balancing the generation of sound with the reception and tolerance of sound is the objective of May Farms’ USR.


Harvest Fest 2014 @ May Farms


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Welcome to May Farms, destined to be Colorado’s best family experience! Located minutes east of Denver on Colorado’s high plains, our working farm is dedicated to establishing family traditions and creating experiences tailored to accommodate the character of your special event.

Acres of corn, an ocean of vibrant yellow sunflowers and a fresh water fish pond are a few of the features we are honored to share with our guests.

Weddings, company parties or just a family get-together are all occasions easily enriched by a wholesome country atmosphere. We believe that life is about family traditions. A unique way of preserving our rural roots is by sharing them with you. Start your own family traditions this year - we would be honored if you made them here at May Farms!