Thank you to everyone who celebrated Harvest Fest 2014 with us! October 25th & 26th was the last weekend of Harvest Fest, and we are not open the weekend of November 1st & 2nd. We’ll keep you informed of upcoming events throughout the year and look forward to seeing you again soon!


May Farms hosted an open house Friday October 24 to introduce and explain to neighbors its USR amendment application and how impacts on them are softened. Out of the thirty who attended, most were supportive. Three still had fears but all considered it a good start at outreach.

Many studied computer-generated traffic simulations. This technology showed them when and how traffic jams will occur at their intersections. That helps for deciding how many traffic officers to hire and traffic control signs to use.

The role of the Arapahoe County Sheriff during future events was a topic of talk. For May Farms he becomes a close partner. Under the application May Farms proposes to notify the sheriff 120 days before an event to start the planning for traffic and crowd control, emergency evacuation and medical emergencies.

A handy tool during the night was a decibel meter, of course as a free phone app. May Farms proposes to conform to the state noise limit of during the day amplified sound, not at the stage but at the property boundary, of 60 db(a). At night, 55. With the decibel meter everyone could see that normal speech is about 55 db(a).

Why is this important to you? May Farms will soon need your help. If you are a fan of the farm, its events and its vision a message of support to the five commissioners, especially if you live in Arapahoe County Colorado, will be a great help. You will need to know details to write the most effective message. Stand by for more.


During Harvest Fest, a man’s wedding band was found in one of our restrooms. To claim the ring please contact us and let us know the color of the band and the distinctive markings found on it to prove ownership. Call Stacie at 303-917-5413 to claim the band and make arrangements for pickup.


mayfarms-usr-open-house-promo-v1-shrunkMay Farms operates in Arapahoe County Colorado, zoned as a farm, but allowed to host events, attractions and activities under a county use called Agri-tainment (click to learn more).

The official document that governs this is called a “Use by Special Review” (USR). The county approved May Farms’ USR in 2005.

On October 10, 2014 May Farms asked the county to amend the USR to allow for more uses, expand the farm land allowed for future uses and agree on ways to mitigate impacts to the community.

A formal county review process and public comment period now begins. This culminates in a public hearing before and vote by the Arapahoe County Commission that is currently scheduled for Tuesday December 16, 2014.

Please stay informed and consider getting active. What May Farms is trying to do is bring more events, attractions and activities to the community so that everyone benefits.

Expect to see more proposal details and updates, along with questions and answers.



FRIDAY OCTOBER 24, 2014 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. FREE.


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It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us any weekend in October, between 10am – 5pm, for Harvest Fest at May Farms, where you will find all the delights of Autumn and fun for the entire family! This event is open to the public. $10 Admission, with all proceeds benefiting The Country Kids Foundation.

Check the website for weather updates or call ahead with questions: 303-822-5800.

Rides & Activities:
All activities and concessions are paid for using tickets. Tickets are $1 each. Ticket count varies by item.

  • Corn Maze (Free; click for map!)
  • Hay Rides (Free)
  • Barrell Train Rides (2 Tickets)
  • Open Barnyard (Free; Come meet our Animals!)
  • Pumpkin Patch (1-10 Tickets – SALE!)
  • Pumpkin Cannon (6 Pumpkins for 5 Tickets)
  • Corn Cannon (2 Ears for 1 Ticket)
  • Face Painting ($7-12; Cash or Credit Only!)
  • Tricycles (Free)
  • Feed The Fish (Fish Food 2 Tickets)

Food & Spirits Available:
1 Ticket = $1. Certain items available in limited supply. Food and beverages are served inside the Pavilion.

  • Assorted Snacks – Apples, Bananas etc. (1-2 Tickets)
  • Assorted Soda, Water, Capri Sun, Hot Cocoa, Hot Apple Cider, Hot Tea, Coffee (1 Ticket)
  • Beer (4 Tickets)
  • Wine (5 Tickets)
  • Hot Dog (2 Tickets)
  • Chili Dog (3 Tickets)
  • Frito Pie (3 Tickets)
  • Mrs. May’s Homemade Chili (4 Tickets)
  • Homemade Soup (4 Tickets)
  • Bratwurst (4 Tickets)
  • Ribs Meal Deal (10 Tickets)
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich Deal (10 Tickets)
  • Brisket Sandwich Deal (10 Tickets)
  • All “Meal Deals” include cole slaw, pickle spear, chips, cookie, and soda or water.

Admission & Details

  • Hours: 10AM – 5PM
  • $10 Admission, with all proceeds benefiting The Country Kids Foundation.
  • FREE Parking
  • Children 5 and Under = Free Admission
  • Stroller or Wheel Chair = Free Admission for that guest.
  • We love animals, but Service Dogs Only please.
  • Red Wagons can be rented while enjoying the sights to help transport your pumpkins or little ones. (8 tickets)

Groups of 25+
Private Bonfires are available by reservation only ($25/person for groups of 25 or more). Additional private party activities include:

  • S’mores
  • Ghost Stories
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Evening Hay Rides

Directions to May Farms
May Farms is located just outside of Denver at 64001 East Highway 36, Byers, CO 80103 (click to open large Google Map).

Call ahead with any other questions: 303-822-5800


Dolly & Clementine

In 2007, Ted Montgomery from Deertrail Colorado gave Gary and Stacie May 2 of their donkeys, Dolly and Clementine.  Dolly was trained by Ted to sit on a couch, shake hands and kick a ball.  Dolly is now 24 years old and Clementine is 13 years old, and they are always together.   Dolly and Clementine are grey, with a black cross across their backs.  Donkeys are very smart, very stubborn, they like to be around people, and most certainly have their own distinct personalities.  We turn them out into the barnyard and other fenced-in areas and they keep those areas weed-free for us.  Dolly and Clementine love fresh vegetables of any kind, apples, bananas, chips, bread, and their favorite treat…..Twizzlers!

Three years ago Ted gave us a beautiful dark brown mule we named Eleanor. A mule is the offspring of a female horse and a male Jack (donkey), and is called a Jennie.  Eleanor is more high spirited than Dolly and Clementine are, and she will not allow us to brush her, but she likes all the treats the donkeys like, and is also a good weed eater!

The donkeys can be pretty verbal during field trips….they bray (hee-haw) for attention.


Harvest Fest 2014 @ May Farms


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(303) 822-5800

Office Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:30pm
(Office hours are different than event hours. Please call for specific event hours.)

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May Farms
Welcome to May Farms, destined to be Colorado’s best family experience! Located minutes east of Denver on Colorado’s high plains, our working farm is dedicated to establishing family traditions and creating experiences tailored to accommodate the character of your special event.

Acres of corn, an ocean of vibrant yellow sunflowers and a fresh water fish pond are a few of the features we are honored to share with our guests.

Weddings, company parties or just a family get-together are all occasions easily enriched by a wholesome country atmosphere. We believe that life is about family traditions. A unique way of preserving our rural roots is by sharing them with you. Start your own family traditions this year - we would be honored if you made them here at May Farms!