I was starting to clean the garage at my folks’ house and found a manila envelope in my dad’s handwriting that said JOKES.  It is all from the 1960s, funnies cut out of different publications, simple innocent silly puns, and a few pages of one liners he thought were humorous.  I think they are too!  If any of you remember my dad, his dry wit may come to mind when you read these.  More of this kind of silly will be part of the 1960 themed decorations for the May Farms Christmas parties in December..we already have several reservations..hope you decide to come as well!  Here are a few of Alf’s one liners from the past:  *Know what happens to a girl that wears long dresses and tennis shoes? Nothing!  *Have you lived here all your life? Not yet.  *Chicken stopped in the middle of the road to lay it on the line.  *Stepped in front of a fast moving train..lucky me..it was backing up.  *Better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick!  *A stork stands on one foot because if he lifts it up he will fall down.  *I do about as well as a pickpocket in a nudist camp.  *Johann Bach invented box lunch.  *What key do you play in? Whiskey.

—There are many more—reading these brought back memories of him chuckling when he would say one, or of him going to his big wood desk in the den in search of a pen and paper to write one down when he heard it.  Hope you got as tickled reading these as I did!