Things we used to say….dig deep and try to remember some sayings of the 60s.  My friend and classmate Liz Bitzer commented on me writing “Toodles” to end a letter, so thanks to her we are all going to be coming up with things we used to say.  I knew my mother was above and beyond mad when she said “hells bells”…this is truly the worst thing she said.  She’d tell me she knew I was “tuckered out” rather than taking me to a doctor for a possible diagnosis of hyperactivity.  My grandpa would say “hold your horses” … “For crying out loud” and “goodness gracious” we’re commonly said, and if my dad said he was going to “visit the Jon” my mother would scowl at him (this was somewhat not classy, I guess, to say in front of your daughter).  When someone gave up they “petered out” and if something was pretty neat it was “peachy.”  Before bed at night I was told “good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!”

What can you come up with?

Remember was “blitzed” was?

Put your thinking caps on!