8.17.16 blog picture

If looking at the picture above of the scrapbook makes you want to see it, I don’t blame you one bit!  Vickie Blain Northcutt had stored this scrapbook and also a Riders Of The Kiowa Adams County 4H scrapbook in her closet forever, and she kindly loaned them to me to fix and share.  The next few blogs will be about the scrapbook in the picture.  It starts in 1965 and lovingly handwritten on each page are descriptions of photos, clippings, fliers, etc. by each year’s historian.  1965 has Sherry Kissler and Dean Burkhart as historians.  Peggy Renner and Judy Herskind were 1966 (there are pages of photos for 1966…if you would like to see some next week, let me know). 1967 has lots of photos as well, some in color, but no noted historian.  Linda Wright was the 1968 historian, but I don’t see one for 1969.  The scrapbook needs a little TLC and when it’s ready to be seen, I’ll let you know.  This book ends in 1971.  The scrapbook contains many pictures from the Deertrail Rodeo and Bennett Harvest Festival.

There are photo fliers of the bands, tickets to the dances, many newspaper articles, letters…this is a slice of our lives in a burlap covered book.  I randomly opened to 1967 and these folks are in photos…Jeanette Frick, Kent Crisman, Marlee Kissler, Kalvin Tupps, Don Frick, Rex Wailes, Nancy Woodis, Sally Danforth, Earl Tupps, Billy Bordner, Kurt Blain, Phyllis Vetter, Randy Rhine, Melody Rhine, Frank Roberts.  These names sure spark memories!  In 1966 “Our Leaders Bob and Violet Vetter” appear in many photos and writings.  Irreplaceable are scrapbooks such as these.  I look forward to having these two ready to be looked at, touched, loved once again.

Thanks Vickie, for allowing me to share these special books.