We get a lot of questions about organic farming from visitors through out the year. As May Farms uses a variety of sustainable farming practices we are not organic farmers. It is refreshing to know that 99% of farmers say that protecting the environment is a good goal to practice. We feel as stewards of the land it is our responsibility to use as many farming practices as we can to help conserve the land, water and other resources at May Farms.

The fact is the world needs both conventional and organic farms to meet its needs. Organic farming can continue to develop sustainable practices that can be adopted more widely. At the same time, conventional practices are necessary to improve productivity to feed everyone. The advances in technology have benefited both conventional and organic farmers. Today’s farms and ranches are far more efficient than they were 50 years ago.  Farmers and ranchers are producing more food and safer food today using fewer natural resources and fewer inputs.  Going back to farming and ranching practices from 25, 50 or even 75 years wouldn’t benefit the environment or the population. Many commodity crops like soybeans, corn and wheat are being grown more sustainably than they were even 30 years ago!

Sometimes conventional farming gets a bad wrap because it is assumed that it is corporate run, where according to the USDA 2007 Census for Agriculture, 95% of farms are family farms which make up 84% of the acreage farmed.

This website provides a lot of good information for those looking for some statistics and information about farming today.