I have been busy booking field trips for September and October.  Doing so inspired me to remember field trips we took in the 1960s.  The first one I recall was a bunch of us going to Tachahara’s carrot operation, left on the Hoyt Road and 4 miles or so north.  Eileen T. was a grade above me with David Palmer, Billy Nordloh, Gale Ehmann, Gail Duryea, etc., and Eileen’s brother Alan was two grades (I think) below me, with Eva Todd, Terri Hubbs, Greg Mock, Martin Cordova, etc.  I remember a wall of fresh carrots in gunny sacks, all stacked neatly in a shady and cool barn or large building.  We were all given a carrot, complete with dirt and green top, to nosh on.  Man, that was good!!  The rest of our field trips were oh so predictable, and I would imagine you had the same ones……bus ride to the Natural History Museum (bring a clipboard and take notes, as this is an educational trip), and our soggy, warm sack lunches, guarded by Leroy Mosbarger the bus driver, eaten afterward at the park.  Then we could run and play.  Our other option was the zoo.  We did this every year, and it never lost its “I can’t wait” feeling.  I have a slide of the room mothers from 4th-6th grade who went along the year I was in 4th grade (our teacher was Mrs. Magill).  Off the top of my head was Bonnie Smith, Shirley Diedrich, Ruth Paine, Bernice Linnebur (my mom), Mary Todd…the only male was Leory Mosbarger (poor man).  All the moms wore dresses, jackets and had lovely handbags in various colors…and the up-do hairdos!  Quite a snazzy bunch from school district 32J!

What are your 1960s school field trip memories?

denver meseum

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